I’ve found a piece of myself in the chaos of the life I recently created. One piece at a time and recently I discovered the low sense of shame I have in regards to things I feel like I can and want to be open about. Once upon a time, I was ashamed to speak openly and freely about the nature of sex. I’d be ask something rather “obscene” or “provocative” and I’d shyly hide my smile or turn my face to hide my reddened cheeks. Now, I wouldn’t say i boast but I don’t feel so ashamed to cry out that I’m a woman with needs that I yearn to fulfill and lips that cry to be kiss, hips that whine to be grabbed and a body that whimpers to be touched. Who am I kidding, this is Tumblr, it’s not new but in my world … I’m quite proud of the fact that now I can openly say when my body is weak and vulnerable.

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